“I am very happy with the therapy sessions I have received. I attended several sessions with Sandra and I can honestly say it has changed my life. I can now see the real cause of my problems and because of finally actually understanding what the problem is, I was able to address it and exponentially improve my quality of life.”  AR

“I really enjoyed our sessions.  I found Sandra very open and easy to talk to with a very calm and caring manner.  She was able to give me take aways each week to consider and work on so I could feel like I was achieving things each week.”  Anonymous

“What I appreciated the most about how Sandra worked was that she was able to understand when we needed to explore the past, and those unresolved issues, and when we just had to stay in the present and stick to tried and tested techniques to help with the anxiety. ” LT

“Since English is not my Mother tongue I was looking for a therapist able to speak Spanish.  Sandra is bilingual so all the treatment was performed in Spanish.  Sandra made me feel very comfortable during the entire process and she helped me a lot.  She is a very good listener and her interventions were always very helpful.  I have recommended her to some friends and I would do it again.” Anonymous

“She is very helpful and understanding, and she has the ability to gently guide the session to the right direction to actually discover and address issues I didn’t even realize had been affecting me.” AR